Sunday Special – Pic Paradis Mountain, Saint-Martin

Let’s continue on with the Sunday Special focusing on destinations I have visited. Today we head to a small island in the Caribbean. This unique locale in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles is the shared island of Saint-Martin (French) and Sint Maarten (Dutch). This beautiful place is the smallest island shared by two countries. I was fortunate to visit it back in the early 90s — some time ago! I stayed in the capital of Marigot while visiting both sides. My travel companion and I broke up our beach time and rented a car for a few days. Being only 87 sq km / 34 sq miles, we were able to circumnavigate the area with relative ease. Not only did we drive around the island, but also to the top of it. We headed up to Pic Paradis Mountain (Paradise Peak) to take in the view at 424 m / 1,391 ft. It is the highest spot on the island with decent views. At the time we were there we didn’t see much aside from the lovely view. Since we were not interested in hiking we did not know of any trails. We basically drove about to see where we ended up. It was a good way to spend a few day even if I did lock the keys in the car and had to pay $25USD to have it opened by a locksmith. Good times! LOL

Since that trip I have learned that there are a few hiking trails available: the Northeast Ridge, the Central Crest, and Eden Well. They range from 3.5 – 6.5km / 2.17 – 4 miles long with an elevation range of 215 – 410 m / 705 – 1345 ft. At the top you will be greeted with a sweeping view of the landscape and nearby islands. It is also an area of interest for bird watchers. Additionally, in the mid-90s Loterie Farm Nature Reserve and Sanctuary was built. From what I’ve learned, this is an popular place to start your hikes, either guided or self-guided. Of course you can still get there by road, either by renting a car, an off-road vehicle, or by going on a tour. Hmmm….I wonder if I should return there in the future?

Travel restrictions and opening times may be affected due to Covid-19

St Martin in the Caribbean – Photo credit: Remy Gumbs (shady P), View of French Quarter – panoramioCC BY-SA 3.0

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