Throw A Coin

Before the Euro was around the coin I threw was likely an Italian Lira. Or was it a French Franc? A German Deutschmark? Austrian Schilling? During that first backpacking trip many many years ago I had a number of coins left over from the five countries my friend and I had visited before arriving in Italy. Rome was our final stop before returning to France once again. It was in the Eternal City that our Let’s Go Europe guidebook informed us that if we toss a coin into the famed and beautiful Trevi Fountain it would guarantee a return to Rome. I threw that coin with fervour and hope. It worked.

Rome’s stunning Trevi Fountain

Italy has been on my radar to return to for some time but when it’s doors re-opened for Canadian travellers it moved to the top of my list. I found out all I needed to enter and forged ahead. It was not without concern. I admit that I planned this sojourn with excitement lined with trepidation. Has the information changed? Will this trip be cancelled? Does insurance cover COVID-19? Do I even remember how to travel!? HAVE I DONE EVERYTHING CORRECTLY?!?!???

Ends up I got it right and Rome and I are now good friends and Naples and are in a long distance relationship. 😆 😆

In the coming weeks I’ll post about the trip; what I needed to enter Italy and return to Canada; the amazing food; and all those ancient sites. In the meantime, here are a few photos.

All photos owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders the World.

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  1. Glad to see you have been reunited with Italy. We too have found uncertainties and complications in travel but have so far managed ok. I guess it is something we have to get used to with the extra research before departure in this “New style travel” era. Happy travels!


    1. Yes it was so great to back in the world. I think the first trip “back travelling” is often more daunting due to the unknown process. Though I think now I will be more confident even as things evolve. Happy travels to you too!

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