Sunday Special – Dominica

Dubbed “The Nature Island of the Caribbean“, the small isle of Dominica may likely be one that you are not too familiar with – a well-kept secret if you will. Although I have heard of it I have not learned much about it myself. Well, until now. Let’s take a look.

So where is this secret Caribbean Island located? This small island of 750 sq km/290 sq mi is found south of Guadeloupe and north of Martinque, which makes it at roughly the halfway point of the Windward Islands. The capital city of Roseau, nestled on the southwestern coast, has a population of almost 15,000 and is the oldest centre on the island. Like many Caribbean islands, Dominica is littered with volcanic mountains as well as being home to a rainforest and Boiling Lake, the second largest hot spring in the world! And that is not all it has to offer.

Boeri Lake in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica – Photo credit: Aneil Lutchman, Boeri Lake HikeCC BY-SA 2.0


    • A UNESCO World Heritage Site
    • An incredible park filled with thick jungles, giant flora, live volcanos, steep gorges, and natural lakes and rivers leading to flowing waterfalls
    • Home to Boiling Lake, the world’s second largest hot lake in the world with temperatures at the edges of the lake reaching 82-92C / 179 – 197 F
      • Hiking to Boiling Lake it popular though due to the rough terrain a guided hike is strongly reocmmented
    • Plummeting Victoria Falls offers a stunning view as waters cascade to a nature pool below
    • Hiking is very popular in Dominica with trails of varying grades
    • Top 5 Hikes as noted on
      • Morne Anglais Mountain Trail – an easier mountain hike that offers amazing views
      • Jacko Steps Trail – steps were cut into this trail centuries past by those escaping the slave trade in Dominica with the steps and stories preserved to this day
      • Waitukubuli National Trail – a 200 km / 124 mi trail that is divided into 8 sections & mentioned in my long distance walking post
      • Boiling Lake Trail – Dominica’s most well-known hike is a full day challenge which may be worth the effort
      • Titou Gorge Canyoning Trail – a trail that combines hiking, rappelling, and waterfalls
    • Syndicate Nature Trail – an easier hike that is popular with birdwatchers looking for the country’s national (and endangered) bird, the Sisserou parrot
    • With fewer visitors than other regional islands Dominica is a haven for water sport enthusiasts:
      • Free Diving in Soufriere Bay
      • SCUBA Diving on the western side offers much to see & the island even offers a yearly Diving Festival
      • Snorkelling is popular in many areas and offers much aquatic life to view
      • Whale Watching for Sperm Whales is common
      • Surfing, Kayaking, and Tubing both on the sea and on inland rivers is available
    • Mas Domnik, the yearly Carnival is a celebration along the likes of Mardis Gras in New Orleans and Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
    • Nicknamed The Real Mas, it is held the Monday and Tues before Ash Wednesday
    • It is a fun time filled with parades, pageants, costumes, and Calypso music
  • MORE
    • Food from the seas or grown locally will have your mouth watering
    • Wellness retreats away from the bustle of life may be what you need
    • Culture of the Kalingo people, the original inhabitants, can be learned

It seems to me that this lesser known destination is worth making the visit and spending time here to be in nature and unwind with far less busyness that many of of us have in our lives. Happy travelling!

View of capital city Roseau, Dominica – Photo credit: giggel, Dominica, Karibik – Roseau – Charlotteville – panoramioCC BY 3.0

Note that some Covid-19 protocols may still be in place.

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