On to 2023 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I sincerely hope this finds you well. And it certainly has been some time since I posted. I hadn’t even realized how long it has been. I suppose that there can sum up my 2022. It was a hectic year with many changes.

Although I did not travel in the way I had hoped I still did my share of flying. So much so that I achieved the first level of status with my preferred frequent flyer program. I hope to utilize some of those perks this year. Even though I did not cross any oceans or leave this continent I did see a few new to me places and spent much more time with family. This year saw my mother move to the same province as myself along with aiding her in that move. Now we see each other much more frequently 😊 I also flew to the east coast of Canada for the first time and road tripped across the border to neighbouring Seattle, WA. I will making some posts about those trips so keep a look out. Additionally, I have struggled with knee pain for much of 2022. The good news is that I was recently given the go ahead to start exercising again to slowly build up my endurance, strength, and flexibility. My bones are healthy and the joint appears to be as well. I will still need further imaging but the specialist says I won’t be damaging my knees with exercise. Yay! Future Caminos here I come!

So what is in store for this year? Back to some international travel! My repeatedly postponed trip to Morocco is happening in the spring (I hope)! A road trip or two to nearby locales and of course seeing my family. I have also enrolled in a photography course, which I am excited to begin. And I plan to get back to this blog to share my experiences and thoughts on travel. There is much to see and learn of this wonderful world of ours.

My wish for you is that this years brings joy and happiness, and for those who want to travel, I hope you get to do plenty of it.


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