Me about to head out caving in Budapest, Hungary.

Me about to head out caving in Budapest, Hungary.

Transplanted from northwestern Ontario, Canada I am now a bonafide west coast BC girl dreaming of the world. I love to travel. I did  fair bit of travelling years ago. I then took a hiatus to return to school and start my second career.  I set my sights on going RTW (Round-The-World). I began my journey on 16Nov14 and travelled until 26Jun15. I did not make all the way around the world but that’s okay. I visited mainly Europe and India and I called it my “Big Trip”. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. I truly know the meaning of the saying “it’s the journey not the destination”. Since then I have crossed a couple of oceans and continents all so that I can wander. I am in the planning and saving stage of another extended travel trip, hopefully in the next several years. That travel bug has not left but become a part of my DNA. This blog is a small record of my travels, of places around the globe, and a bit of  what is going on in my home city Vancouver, BC. It serves as a small collection of my experiences, lessons learned, and my thoughts. And a few pictures too. I hope you enjoy this little corner of the blog world and feel free to comment on my posts or ask questions.



  • Ireland – all of it! 
  • Seeing the Taj Mahal for the first time – it was hot, humid, crowded yet that all fell aside when I laid my eyes on it
  • Climbing up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower while my companions chose to take the elevator and I beat them to the top. Then we drank champagne as it was my birthday.
  • Buying a subway ticket at the ticket machine in Prague ALL BY MYSELF (I did not notice the English instructions posted on a very small area)
  • Spending St Patrick’s Day in Dublin with some amazing new friends.
  • Snorkelling in Jamaica and being surrounded by hundreds of colourful fish
  • Hot air ballooning in Bagan, Myanmar
  • Spending my afternoons on a scooter and seeing the temples of Bagan
  • Laughing so hard it hurt while drinking beer and hanging out on Love Lane in (Georgetown) Penang, Malaysia with probably the best travel companion ever and our new friends. Also doing this in Kuching, Borneo.
  • Eating the best homemade Indian food in Punjab, India
  • Visiting the BBC’s Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales and “flying” the T.A.R.D.I.S. I love that show!
  • Truly realizing how little I know of this world and the little I have seen and striving to learn and see more.
  • Sleeping on the sidewalks in front of train stations in Paris and Vienna because travel plans failed.


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