Edinburgh in Pictures

I’m back to “normal”, though for me travelling is my normal life. But ya know what I mean. Here are some pics of the very beautiful city of Edinburgh.

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World

Cool architecture

Husband Day Care – LOL


yummy craft beer


JK Rowling’s inspiration for character names at Greyfriar’s Cemetary


Greyfriars’ Bobby statue



The Writer’s Museum


Edinburgh Castle peeking out in the distance



Scott Monument


Cool architecture


Detail on arch outside St Giles Cathedral


statue inside St Giles Cathedral


St Giles Cathedral


Scottish Whisky Experience – I learnedd a bit here


The story of Deacon Brody


A staircase off Cockburn Street


Acool vintage store in Grassmarket


Tollboth Tavern – I didn’t go in but it looks cool


Outside Edinburgh Castle

Scotland Highlights – Part I

I have been here now a few days. I arrived safe & sound into London Heathrow but then that was when the adventures began. I purchased a Heathrow Express train ticket to get me into London in 15 min and then a short Tube ride to Kings Cross Station so I could catch my train to Dunkeld & Birnam by way of Edinburgh. It was gonna be tight but I should have had 10 – 15min to spare. Well that certainly did not happen! Somehow I was put on the Heathrow Connector which is slower by about 10 min AND NOT closer to the Tube station, as I found out. So I was behind and had to go further to make my subway connection. So there I am running around the station like a crazy fool. On top of that I’m sweating from carrying my pack and being out of shape (note to self: join a gym!). When I finally did arrive at Kings Cross Train Station it is 1:56pm and my train is at 2:00pm. I quickly spot a train attendant and ask where do I enter. She directs me down the way and around the corner. I get there and need a ticket or something to enter. In a panic I ask another attendant to let me in yet not making sense. It’s 1:57pm now! Luckily he understands me and allows me in. At this point I run waving my ticket to Platform 2. The attendant by the train asks where I’m going. I try blurt out “Edinburgh” while panting heavily. He holds the door open for me as I scramble on. I look at the station clock and it ticks to 1:59pm. Relief washes over me and sadly, so does more sweat. I’m a mess but I’m on the train! Once I catch my breath I look at my ticket – Car D, seat 27. I’m at the front of the train and have to manoever myself, my backpack and carry-on through three first class cars, the food car (with a cart in the way) and three other cars before I get to mine. Everyone else is all settled in. I get to my seat and it’s taken. I really wanted that window seat. Hmmmm….Yay! I spot another one across the way. I decide to take that one as I shouldn’t be sitting beside anyone anyway , LOL. Despite my close call with missing the train I thank the Universe for letting me catch my train! Ah, travel stories! 

All pictures taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju /Wanders The World 

Sunday Special – Up Helly Aa Fire Festival, Scotland

January can be a dreary month in the northern hemisphere, what with its short days of sunlight, frigid cold air and in many places with snow but no place to ski or snowboard. So what does one do to help pass the dreariness? Well in Lerwick, Scotland they hold a fire festival on the last Tuesday of January (that is January 26 for the 2016 festival). The Up Helly Aa Festival has been a Shetland tradition since the 1880s. An homage to days of Viking glory this 24 hour period sees “squads” of men dressed up in Viking gear marching through town with torches ablaze and songs being sung. A full day of revelry, food and drink awaits participants. The evening is topped off with a Viking-style ship is set ablaze and the sky filled with fireworks. It sounds grand.  I have just decided that I am going to head to the Shetland Islands one Januray to attend this fun and crazy Up Helly Aa Festival.

Photo credits: Mike Pennington via Wikimedia Commons

Burning the galley at Uyeasound Up Helly Aa - geograph.org.uk - 1706017

Procession at Uyeasound Up Helly Aa - geograph.org.uk - 1706007

Guisers in the procession at Uyeasound Up Helly Aa (geograph 3848202)


Carrying forward with the eerie, the city of Edinburgh, Scotland is considered the most haunted in all of Europe. Within it is the most haunted spot in Scotland – Edinburgh Castle. Encompassing a history that spans centuries, this remarkable castle has seen the some of the the worst in torture, battles and imprisonment. It is not surprising that such a macabre past would elicit the notion of ghostly sightings.

Built on Castle Rock, this ‘haunted’ locale has been the subject of paranormal studies and ghost hunts. Reported spectral ‘sightings’ and ‘phenomenon’ include phantom prisoners, a headless drummer, drops in temperature, feelings of clothing being tugged or skin brushed when nothing is around. It is enough to send shivers down your spine. Do you dare to explore the dank, grim corridors and corners of this infamous haunt?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, owned by Kim Traynor