Guilty Pleasures

So I figure that it would be a cool idea to “prepare” myself for France. You know, drink some distinctive french wine, enjoy a fresh, soft baguette, and nibble on some creamy fresh cheese. Now I’m not talking about the orange-dyed waxy  block of  grocery store cheese (yes, they dye cheese orange). I’m not even talking about the “pseudo-gourmet” cheese in the deli section of the local grocer. I’m talking the fragrant, flavourful cheese that producers take pride in telling you whats in and how it’s made; up close and personal. Gourmet cheese!

That is what France and Cambie Street in Vancouver have in common: a specialty cheese store. Neslted between shops, restaurants and movie theatres of a busy neighbourhood stands the Mount Pleasant Cheese shop. Located just off the corner of Cambie and 18th, is the source of my guilty pleasure: CHEESE! Soft, creamy cheese. Smoky cheese. Hard cheese. Stinky cheese!!!!!!!!!! And it’s all Canadian, many from Quebec and BC. I am a customer for life! Since I discovered this little heavenly store about 6 weeks ago I have been spoiled for any other type of cheese. I am a cheese snob! And I encourage you to become one too. With such quality the flavours go further and your recipes will go from good to lip-smacking fantastic.

It’s not just the quality of the cheese that makes this store great. I’ve been to other cheese shops and frankly, the staff don’t even compare to the knowledge and personal service that Mount Pleasant Cheese offers. With each visit I am greeted with a smile, offered some samples, learn something new and leave compeletly satisfied with my purchases. The manager, Peter, has really put his heart and expertise into helping customers and is offering events such as food tastings and wine tastings. They even have a newsletter you can sign up for at their website. I love this store! If you love cheese as much as I do, you’ll take the time to visit this store. You don’t even need to be going to Paris to enjoy it.

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