Day Trippin’ – Victoria

There is nothing like a day trip to break up the monotony of regular life. That’s one of many features that I love about Vancouver and area. So many nearby places to experience: Harrison Hot Springs, Fort Langley, Whistler, The Gulf Islands, Victoria, Bowen Island. Heck, you can even cross the US border and go to Bellingham, WA! What a great way to spend a day off.

As much as I like the idea of those day trips mentioned above, I actually have only gone to two places. Yes, I admit…I am a day-trippin’ freshman. One that is still in freshman year when I should have already graduated college! Well at least I know I have that option of a taking off to explore one of these locales.

In Victoria, BC lives a friend of mine, so naturally I make a point of visiting her a few times a year.  I love the idea of meeting a friend for lunch in another town.  I am not talking about crossing a street in Vancouver and meeting them in  Burnaby.  I mean going some distance just for lunch and maybe some shopping. When I worked in a travel agency, at time when discounted or free travel was a common perk, I loved flying from Thunder Bay in the early a.m. to spend the day shopping in Toronto only to return that same evening. It made me feel privledged, even if the flights were usually free. For me, visiting my friend in Victoria is same. I love how it sounds to say “I just spent the day in Victoria.”. Funny how the mind can conjure up these ideas and associations. Silly? Perhaps, but I like it.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from my time “wandering” around Victoria BC:

(Top) A BC ferry returning from Vancouver Island as I head to it.

(Below) The marker for the start of the Trans-Canada Highway.

“Hip Hip Hooray”!

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  1. Glad you had such a lovely day. You deserve it! Have you heard of Savary Island? I've seen pics and it looks really amazing… I know i would like it there.
    Perhaps we can take a day trip to Van. Island, when I visit next year!
    And btw, the pic of you jumping in the air, is the best picture I have ever seen of you in my life! I want you to send it to me! Sue xx


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