Ugly Vancouver/Neon Vancouver Exhibit

This past Sunday I visited the Museum of Vancouver for the first time ever. I didn’t even know it existed until about a month ago. I am glad I discovered it though. It is a little gem of a place housed in the same building as the HR Macmillan Space Centre in Vanier Park. Now I know where that is so how come I didn’t know this museum existed? Anyways. It is has an interesting (permanent) gallery of Vancouver’s past. It’s current exhibits are very cool too. That is what brought me there in there in the first place.

Whilst travelling on the bus, as I do, I noticed an ad for the “Ugly Vancouver/Neon Vancouver” exhibit that is at the MOV until Aug 2012. The exhibit contains a selection of the old neon signs that were part of Vancouver’s cityscape for a greater portion of the 20th century. I thought it would be fun to find out a bit more about my beloved city and posted it on Couchsurfing as an activity. Myself and CSer M met at 2pm and we stayed over 2 hours at the museum. We discovered another exhibit happening there as well: Art Deco Chic – Extravagent Glamour between the Wars. This was a fashion exhibit that was oh-so-glamorous! M and I really enjoyed that one. As cool as the neon signs were, I enjoyed the fashions of the 20s and 30s more. We also perused the permanent exhibits as well. Overall, it was a great afternoon.  I could talk all about what I saw but I think this time I will let the picutres speak for me.

If you’re ever in Vancouver, consider visiting this museum to learn more about Vancouver!


Hastings St (circa 1960s) covered in signage

Powell Cleaners 
Signage (circa 1935) and description below

The elements used in neon

The only non-working sign at the exhibit
A table top sign used at stores

This caption was with the picture below

Early 1920s Evening Wear

Late 1920s Evening Wear
Early 1930s Evening Wear
A modern effect on vintage style

I personally loved the 1930s styles I saw here
1930s Daywear – hats everywhere!

Late 1930s Evening Wear

So elegant

I love the detail


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