I am famous in Germany

“You’re famous in Germany Eeva.” 

Well at least according to my (Couchsurfing) friend, Alisa.

Alisa, an enthusiasic, fun-loving blonde from Bavaria is the creator/author of a project called “Dear Google, What is Life?”  In this project, she has taken the concept of how we use and rely on Google for everyday searches to a philosophical level: “What is life?”.  Alisa has collected “people” and the Google results for “life” based on their native language and combined it with their photograph and handwriting of the search results. The outcome is a cool exhibit that she is showing around Germany. She has dozens of people involved from all over the world and variety of ethnic backgrounds. And I’m part of it! How cool is that? Okay, ego aside, I find it an intriguing venture she has embarked on. 

My involvement was due to my Finnish ethnicity. All Alisa had me do was a simple search on Google.fi  of  “Life is?” (in Finnish), hand-write the top results and smile for a photograph. On the Facebook page she explains how her idea emerged and her workings with a web designer with whom she completed the project with. Please click the link about to read about her endeavor.  Scroll some of her photos of the “gallery showing”  as I will be tagged in the background of one of them. I am very glad to be a part of this project that encompasses our real and “cyber” world. I would also ask that you “like” the page (only if you really do) so that it can garner some more attention and help out my friend.  Thanks!


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