It has been several weeks since my last post where I said I was going to take a hiatus (which I am), however, I do want to share a few of my photos of my recent trip to Cuba. These are mainly scenery shots or ones where I made an attempt to be ‘artsy’. I hope you enjoy them.

Varadero Beach

Seashells littered the beach (but what lovely litter it is)


Tucked away from the main area of our beach…

and leading up to here

Sails on the Atlantic Ocean

A curly-tailed gecko (or lizard) – it’s soooo cute!

An evening view of the resort and ocean – one of the clearer days we had

Varadero City market after the rain – I got caught in the downpour sans umbrella and was soaked through but still a great day!

A public beach in Varadero City (after the downpour)

The ocean (smile)

Cathedral in Old Havana

Cathedral detail

Havana’s Capitol building

Exquisite and ornate detail inside the National Theatre
The next 5 photos are of the art of Havana’s streets – some weathered, all of them an expression (as all art is). I am coming to really enjoy street art and plan to photograph much of it on my future travels and wanderings.

My attempt at art with my camera
Windows and balconies in Havana, they have seen much I imagine

An old fortress
Back at the resort – my toes, poolside

I never did go in that pool

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