The Appeal of…

There is an assortment of reasons of why people travel where they do; many of them as unique as the individual making their trek. Others much more simple or even ambiguous. Regardless of that which drives a person to travel to their desired destination, it propels them out of their routine to see the world, hopefully, at a more intimate level. So it is that I have my reasons to visit certain countries/cities/destinations as well. Some logical and likely, while others have a more inane basis. 

With that I am going to do a series of posts of what my projected destinations will be for this upcoming trip and why I want to see them. Of course, things may change as time goes on and while on the trip itself. 

Here we go with the first installment (North America)…

The Appeal of:

Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Truth be told, I will be going to my home town to spend time with my parents. I can not very well go gallivanting around this big blue marble without spending some quality time with my parents beforehand. They would not have it, nor would I. I also get to spend fun time with my friends in Thunder Bay (you know who you are)!

Toronto, ON, Canada

Because I like Toronto (to visit) and I have not been there in ages! Additionally, I have friends and acquaintances in the area. Finally, it is a transportation hub. Be it rail, bus or airplane the connections from Toronto are numerous.

New York, NY, USA

The only time I visited New York I did not enjoy it due to external factors that affected my outlook during the trip. I was  miserable and thought most of the city was too. I would like to re-visit The Big Apple to see if I will be taken in and memorized by its charms. Plus it just may be cheaper to fly to the next destination from New York than Toronto.

There you have it, my three intended stops of the North American leg of my world tour. Next stop: Europe!

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