In Spanish “Las Vegas” means “the meadows”. This name was given by a member of the New Mexican Trading company while setting up a trade route to Los Angeles, California in 1829. Mammoth changes have come to this popular US entertainment capitol after its establishment in 1905 (and subsequent incorporation as a city in 1911). Many will attest that there is no place quite like it in all the world. An oasis, albeit a kitschy one, within the desert. What springs to my mind is a neon map of hotels, wedding chapels, casinos and extravagant, colourful musical performances. Search out a few outlet malls, sporting events and inexpensive buffets of food and you have quintessential Las Vegas. 

The Las Vegas strip

Bright, loud, ugly, beautiful, scary, touristy, kitschy, unique, sin…however you describe it, there is no place quite like Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). And remember “What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas”.

Photo credit: Las Vegas News Bureau

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