A recent conversation with a “novice” traveler made me realize how much I assume. I have traveled in some way, shape or form since I was three years old. I have traveled solo, with family and friends, to resorts, for business, backpacked,on bus tours and taken road trips. At some time or other I have driven, rode the bus, train, ferry, cruise ship and, of course, airplanes. I have traveled both pre- and post 9/11, including to The United States. As a result I like to think that I generally know the ins and outs of travel. Certainly this does not mean I know it all. I have many scenarios yet to learn from, to glean from experience.

I also assume that those who read this little blog of mine are as well versed in travel and know how to get around because, well it is the 21st century! Yeah, what is that saying about assuming things? Ya end up making an “ss out u and me (ss/u/me)”.

As a result I have concluded that I will do a series of blog posts about the “need to know” about travel. I will do my best to give clear, concise information about getting yourself prepped for travel. I will also throw you some tips that I have found helpful. Please note that since I am Canadian, the much of what I write about will be based on regulations for Canadians, however, you can use some of the info for your home country but check with your proper government sites for exact info. I hope that you will find this info useful. I am also open to suggestions, tips and other useful tidbits that I can share. The first in this series will be up soon.

Happy travels.

Disclaimer: The information provided on “Eeva’s Wanderings” is meant as tips and suggestions only.  I, the author, am not responsible for any harm, injury, loss of property or any other misfortune that may occur if anyone acts on them, reuses them or their interpretation of them. I will try to provide up-to-date information but am not responsible for information that is out of date or incorrect. All opinions are my own and in no way are meant to defame, harm, humiliate or injure anyone.

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