A short while ago I attempted (and failed) to make some changes to my blog. I changed the name along with the URL here on Blogger. I assumed that doing so would not only be easy but come with the ‘how to’ of having a re-direct for the webpage. It did not. I also ran into some snags with Bloglovin’ (which is one of the ways that you can follow my blog).

The reason I wanted to change my blog name was because if you do a search of blogs with “Wandering(s)”  you will get an enormous number of hits. So, I wanted something more original. Ends up I am not the creative and most of what I chose was taken or had similar titles. Still, I changed it. Big mistake!! After a few months I changed it back as my original name and URL on Blogger was still available. I apologize for any inconvenience that caused you, my loyal readers.


I still want to change. This time around I am doing it differently, should I decide to do it at all. Tonight I am going to a (free) course at the public library on using WordPress for a blog platform. If I like it better than Blogger I will be switching. I will see if I can keep a similar name and have a re-direct page. I am taking the course so I can, ideally, make the transition smoothly and with ease. Not to worry, I will certainly make a post here, unlike previously, so that you can make the adjustments as needed. I hope that you keep following me and recommend me to your friends and family. My aim is to grow this blog a bit more as I learn more about this form or social media.

Here’s to new things and positive change.


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