There are numerous ways to see a country – train, car, motorcoach tour, bicycle and even on foot. On foot you really see a place. You are taking your time and can see and experience the nuances of an area. Many many countries have hiking and walking trails to see specific areas. Some have pilgrimages that are as long as a country, such as the Camino de Santiago de Campostela. A shorter yet challenging backpacking/camping trail right here in B.C. is Vancouver Island’s 75km West Coast Trail. But there is only one route that covers an entire country and that is the Wales Coast Path that fully opened in 2012.

Wales Coast Path is a trail/footpath that begins in southeastern Chepstow and winds its way 1,400 km/870 miles up to northeastern Queensferry. Running mainly along the Welsh Coast it meanders through rocky coastlines, green hills, historic sites, numerous beaches, and quaint villages. Each region also has varied wildlife to be spied upon.

Near Wallog, Wales with West Coast Path along the coast
Near Wallog, Wales with West Coast Path along the coast

Due to the numerous towns and villages found on the coast you can walk/hike portions of the trail with ease of access. Perhaps for some, there is the challenge of walking the path in its entirety.

Photo credit – Wikimedia Commons – User OLU


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