On Loss and Life

Sunrise in Ko Samui, Thailalnd
Sunrise in Ko Samui, Thailalnd

It has taken me quite some time to compose this particular post.  I come back to it time and again, thinking I will know exactly what to say. To have my thoughts and feelings worded succinctly. Now I am not certain I can do that – I fear it will come out as some random blather. Yet, I want to get it out there, to vocalize the thoughts running through my head. So here goes…

Life goes on as it does and will always continue to. But sometimes your world gets whipped really hard – it knocks the wind out of you and in some cases you even fall over from the blow. Death is never easy. It is even harder when it comes along so unexpectedly. Like so many,  I have lost people I knew and cared about. People who were my friends, people I knew most of my life, my friend’s family (which in some cases their family is an extension of your own), co-workers and people I knew a lifetime ago that meant something to me at one point. Some of it was after leading a long and loving life. Other times illness or accidents stole them away. In one case they made choice to leave themselves. In the past ten months, three people I knew died, most recently a month ago.

So what is this post about then? I am not entirely certain – some disjointed thoughts that somehow end up making sense. I know that death sucks. That it is not easy. Yet I know I am reminded to be grateful. So grateful for the wonders in my life. To remember and to cherish. That kindness matters. Tell yourself and those in your life what they mean to you, that they are important.  And most importantly to LIVE. Live out loud, go after what you want and BE YOUR DREAM!

Photo credit: Wikimedia CommonsLisa Tancsics

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