Outside of Krakow, Poland you will find a small town named Wieliczka. Wieliczka is home to one of the oldest salt mines in European history. Starting back in the 13th century, the Wieliczka Salt Mine evolved into one of Poland’s greatest industries. The mine was in operation for almost seven centuries – up until the late 20th century. Although the site is now defunct for mining, it is a spot for tourists to experience. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and Polish National Historic Monument it is retained for its historical significance.

Wielickza Salt Mine
Wielickza Salt Mine

Travelers can visit the mines with an option of taking the “Miner’s Route“; the “Tourist Route“; or the “Pilgrim’s Route”  to learn more of this historical spot. One can see how the miner’s did their jobs, see chambers and underground lakes or marvel at the chapels and carvings in the salt. Additionally there is a museum and a health resort on site. There is certainly much to see and learn from this unique piece of history. A friend of mine visited this salt mine and said it was amazing. In fact, she said that she did not see it all as it was so large. A very cool place indeed.

Photo credit: Wikimedia CommonsAkumiszcza


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    1. You’re welcome. I find history fascinating. To me I enjoy learning about what life was like and how it may affect us today. Thanks for stopping by.


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