Despite the fact that I am a bit leary of water (I can not swim well) I have some great memories of snorkelling – in fact one of my favourite memories is snorkeling in Jamaica. Since I wear a life jacket to ease my nervousness I am glad to just be looking down beneath the water’s surface to discover a new world. Today I thought I would write about a place known for its snorkeling. There are hundreds and hundreds of places so I got some help from Google. Here is one that stood out to me.

Panama’s San Blas Islands make up an archipelago of 378 mainly uninhabited islands. Those that are inhabited are home to the Kuna Indians, which still retain much of their culture and heritage. These islands are on the east of Panama and face the Caribbean Sea. This area is not overrun by tourists so a bit of research for the best snorkeling spots is recommended. Much of the snorkeling areas are rather shallow and have incredible reefs. Note that SCUBA diving is not allowed in the area to help preserve the reef and the fishing that the Kuna Indians do.

Dog Island of Panama's San Blas Islands
Dog Island of Panama’s San Blas Islands

I also found some videos on YouTube – check ’em out to find out a bit more.

Photo credit – Wikimedia CommonsMonica J. Mora (user: Ayaita)

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