One of nature’s stunning landmarks is Japan’s Mount Fuji. Found west of Tokyo, it is easily seen from the city on a clear day.  The country’s tallest and grandest mountain stands majestically at 3776 m/12,389 ft. The beauty and symmetry of this dormant volcano has enraptured artists, poets and lovers of beauty for ages. It has gained a cultural respect along with its natural splendour.

Mount Fuji amidst cherry blossoms
Mount Fuji amidst cherry blossoms

Climbing Mount Fuji is on my bucket list. During July and Aug, when there is little to no snow, it is a manageable trek even for beginners. As a result it can be crowded in these summer months when hiking is permitted, though the resultant views from the top would be sensational. A certain degree of planning and preparation is recommended and there are several routes one can proceed with for a memorable experience.

Photo credit: Wikimedia CommonsUser: Midi


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