This week’s round of SSS is an attraction I have actually visited. It was many, many years ago but I still remember it. Back when I worked in the travel industry I had an opportunity to go an a “familiarization trip” or “fam trip” as industry insiders call it. Myself and other travel agents from Ontario headed to Copenhagen, Denmark. My first fam trip it was. One that I still recall with a smile. One of the attractions we were to see on several occasions as we had special passes was Tivoli Gardens – an amusement park filled with rides, shows, gardens, restaurants and music! It was fun and I do remember the fun house and the roller coaster most clearly. Despite the fact that it rained much on our trip I was able to visit the park a couple times. Tivoli spelled backwards is I LOV IT ! I certainly did.

Opened in August of 1843, Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world and is the second most popular seasonal theme park around. Architecturally it retains some old charm and is filled with gardens and fountains. At night it is light up with over 100,000 amazing lights in its 21 acres. It maintains three seasons to visit: summer, Hallowe’en and Christmas.

Twinkling Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
Twinkling Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Photo credit – Public Domain

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