My Time in Pictures

Prior to my departure I envisioned regular updates on my blog. Sifting though my photos and re-telling of what I saw and learned with vigor and excitement. The reality is I am not so keen to be posting as I am often exhausted or distracted by other events such as dinner, doing laundry or having a drink. Now that I am settled in South Yorkshire, England where I am cat sitting for 6 weeks I still can not guarantee that I will write as frequently – you know I have cats to pet, TV to watch and catch up on sleeping in. One much unwind when given the chance LOL. Actually, I do intend to write some more while in England. In the meantime I hope this post of pictures will suffice.

Creative Belgian chocolate – there are shops everywhere!
Waffles! They really are quite tasty.
The Royal Palace on a snowy day, Brussels
Beer stores are another common sight in Belgium
A beautiful morning in the Dutch countryside
A working windmill at Zaanse Schans, The Netherlands
Zaanse Schans has a number of working windmills along with museums and displays of Dutch culture. A bit touristy but still very interesting.
I tried on a pair of wooden shoes
My NYE selfie (before the shenanigans)
My NYE selfie (before the shenanigans)
NYE selfie with my friend
NYE selfie with my friend
The Tower of London - I walked past this everyday from my hostel to the Underground (subway)
The Tower of London – I walked past this everyday from my hostel to the Underground (subway)
I saw Doctor Who's T.A.R.D.I.S. - wooooo
I saw Doctor Who’s T.A.R.D.I.S. – wooooo
Iconic Big Ben


House of Parliament, London
Westminster Abbey (front)
30 Mary St Axe a.k.a. The Gherkin
St Paul’s Cathedral at dusk
At Piccadilly Circus
View of The Shard and Tower Bridge from the Millennium Bridge
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square at dusk
Tower Bridge at night
At King’s Cross Station
For those of you from Vancouver – and you thought Granville Skytrain Station had a long escalator. One of the Underground (Tube) escalators.

Photos taken and owned by Wanders the World (Eeva Valiharju)

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