The Map Project – Belgium

Back in October I posted about The Map Project where my best friend’s kids will be writing posts about where I have travelled. It is a great addition to this blog and a fresh perspective on the world. Today premiers the first installment. Enjoy!

Hello my name is Rhiannon and I am ten years old. I love school and my family. I go crazy for books. My favourite sport is soccer. I have played soccer as long as I can remember. My position in soccer is midfield. I love it because it is a mix of defense and forward. I know Eeva because she is my mom’s best friend. They have known each other for a really, really, really long time.  I was so excited when I heard Eeva was going on her trip around the WORLD! Right now I think she is in England. My brothers, Deklan and Kieran and me are going to write on her blog about where she has been or where she is going. Before Eeva left on her trip she brought us her (wall) map of the world.  And she had already marked off all the places she has been. She also gave us some more sticky sparkles to put on and track down where she is. We are so excited to share with all of you the places she will visit. A couple of days before Christmas Eeva and her sister were in Belgium. The capital city of Belgium is Brussels.  It is the the largest city of Belgium. There is about 1 500 000 people that live there. Here is a fun fact: there are 249 butchers, 874 hairdressers ad 647pharmacies n Brussels!

A popular thing to see in Brussels is the Manneken Pis.  The 61 cm tall bronze statue fountain was made in 1619 by Brussels sculptor Hieron Imus.  One story about this statue tells of a wealthy merchant who, during a visit to the city with his family had his young son go missing.  The merchant quickly formed a search party that scoured the whole city. The boy was found happily urinating on a tiny garden. Then the fountain was built!  There are other legends about this statue too.

Manneken Pis dressed up (December 26,2014)
Manneken Pis dressed up (December 26,2014)

Photo taken and owned by Wanders the World (Eeva Valiharju)

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