What I’ve Learned About Travel – Part II

I left Vancouver 5 months ago today. And it has been just over 4 months since I left Canada. It hardly seems so long. I have settled into a routine with my travels. I know my rhythm. I know when I need to rest. I know what sets me off. I still get nervous with new locations. I value the small victories.  Here are a few more things I’ve learned thus far:

  1. I still can’t sleep well the night before traveling to a new destination
  2. I know exactly what I like in a hostel. Some I never want to leave. Besides things like location, safety, cleanliness, kitchen & working WiFi the difference is the staff and the people I meet. That makes ALL the difference. 

  3. Not all ATMs will accept your card. Just go to the next one. 

  4. English is spoken in every big city or tourist town in Europe, especially by young people. Though still try to learn at least “thank you” in every language you encounter. I will never forget the smile on a woman’s face when I said “hvala” to her (Slovenian). 

  5.  Be careful when saying “cheers” in Hungarian. Saying “egeszsegedre” means “to your health”. Unless you pronounce it as I did & end up saying “to your butt”. Whoops. 

  6. I drink WAAAYYY too much beer (bier, biere, pivo).  I’m even acquiring a taste for good lagers (but I’ll always be an ale gal).

  7. Central & Eastern Europe is super cool & I love the area. That is why I’m still here.

  8. Laundry day is still a good day

  9. Travel guilt always exists. 

  10.  Finally – it is so great to meet people in your hostel. You make “insta-buddies”, yet many can become good friends. 


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  1. Hello Eeva!!! It looks as though you are having a lovely time!!!! I’m glad you are enjoying it!! U have been missed and I just wanted to say hi!!! Lily


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