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Before departing Canada I imagined that I would be uploading photos and stories on a continual basis. It seems I was mistaken. It certainly is not because I have purposely neglected writing. I have had a nagging in the back of my head telling me I need to post more often. Part of my neglect is because I do not want to be the person that is continually on their tablet. I have my phone with me often enough so the tablet is yet another distraction. Additionally, using my little point-and-shoot camera to take photos over my camera phone ( as I have a few more features on it) has me uploading photos less frequently than if I only used my camera phone. Finally, often I’m hanging out with hostel mates – laughing while playing Cards Against Humanity, having great conversations while making dinner or going out for a drink is just more appealing. I apologize for the neglect.

But here I am now. I have covered some ground since my last detailed post about Bath, “Magical Waters”. I don’t think that I will write such long entries for the time being. And it  seems that I am still having issues when trying to post more than 2 or 3 photos. So I have decided that I will just post a few pics and a small blurb, however, I will do it more frequently (I hope). There will be no order, just pretty pics.


Hungary's Parliament Buildings overlooking the Danube River
Hungary’s Parliament Buildings overlooking the Danube River
Matthias Church, Budapest

All photos owned by Wanders The World/Eeva Valiharju.

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