Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hello! I am currently in my hostel in Skopje, Macedonia. The city is interesting. Not my favourite but it’ll do. As of late they have been under construction, erecting buildings of a classic Greek style but they are brand new. And then there are the statues. I do not think I have seen so many statues in my life, not even in Vegas. Actually, at night the buildings along the river are slightly reminiscent  of Vegas without the kitsch of Sin City.

Today I am posting a few photos of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Close to both Austria and Italy, Slovenia has much influence of these two countries until being part of the former Yugoslavia. Ljubljana is a very picturesque city. Not very big – 200,000 in population but has historically been a centre of politics and commerce. Decimated by an earthquake in 1895 many of it’s historic buildings were destroyed. Now there are many that have been rebuilt. It has influence of both the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italian style. After World Ward II  it was part of Communist Yugoslavia. In 1991 it gained it’s independence from Yugoslavia as Slovenia.

It is definitely a very pretty city, it is walkable and full of photographic scenes. Small yet sweet is what I say.

All photos taken and owned by Wanders The World/Eeva Valiharju

View from The Three Bridges
Ljubljana streets
Young Busker
Along the Ljublanica River
Here Be Dragons (Dragon Bridge)
View of Ljubljana and the Alps from Ljubljana Castle


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