Sunday Special – Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

When I was in (The Republic of) Ireland many told me to visit Northern Ireland (U.K.) to see the Giants Causeway as I would be amazed by the unique scenery. The photos I saw were stunning, but alas I did not visit this area. I wish I had, however, it only means that I will need to make a return voyage to my favourite island on the planet! And then I will see both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The Giants Causeway is an expansive area filled with basalt columns as a result of ancient volcanic activity where lava filled the chalk beds and then cracked as they cooled. However, the lore of the region claims that it was the giant Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool) that built the causeway as a “bridge” for Scottish giant Benandonner to come to Ireland and face Fionn in a contest of strength. It is an area where one can see the North Atlantic coast, a variety of birds and the incredible landscape.  In 1986 is was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I can not wait to see it!

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland
Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain). Taken by Patrice78500 

Giants Causeway
Giants Causeway

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – User: Petr Broz (Chmee2)

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