Sunday Special – Jindo – Modo Land Bridge, South Korea

In the southwest corner of the the peninsula that is South Korea is Jindo Island. It is the country’s third largest island, being separated from the mainland by the Myeongnyang Strait. Most folks cross to and from this island by way of a 484m/1588 ft cable-stayed bridge. A engineering master in and of itself this bridge is usurped by another. Running between Jindo Island and the smaller Modo Island is a land bridge constructed by mother nature. A few times per year (often between late Feb and mid-June) tidal harmonics result in an unusually low tide and create this “land bridge” for a short period of roughly an hour. As a rare natural phenomenon it has been called the “Moses Miracle” since it resembles a parting of the seas, a famed story in the bible. During this occurrence tourists and locals flock to participate the Jindo Sea Parting Festival to celebrate nature and food. Folks dig for clams, chow down on food from the numerous vendors and watch plays based on the legends surrounding this unique expression of nature. Sounds like it could be fun and that gum boots are definitely in order.

Jindo - Modo Landbridge
Jindo – Modo Landbridge

Photo credit: Jindo County Tourism and Culture 

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