Sunday Special -Dolni Morava Skywalk, Czech Republic

It looks like an over-sized roller coaster but is actually an elevated looped walkway that ends with a crazy 150.5 m (330 ft) slide downward. If heights don’t bother you (or you want to face your fear of heights) then the Dolni Morava Skywalk in the eastern side of the Czech Republic is for you. I personally am frightened looking at it yet am intrigued. I have no idea if I could walk 55 m (180 ft) above ground on an open-air sidewalk. Add that it its location on a hilltop brings you to 1116 m (3661 ft) above sea level (with an amazing view of the Morava River) and I would be begging to kiss the ground. Then again, that slide sounds freakishly fun and I may be open to go in the face of my fear for a fast ride. Recently opened in December 2015 the Skywalk is located in the resort town area of Dolni Morava. In addition to the Skywalk there is skiing, sledging, snowpark, hiking, water park, adventure trails and much more.

To get an idea of the height of the Skywalk, check out some videos on YouTube.

Dolni Morava Skywalk, Czech Republic. Photo Credit: Dolni Morava Relax and Sport Resort.

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