My World Libations

Recently I posted about my favourites foods that I sampled during my extended trip. Now comes part II – the part about my favourite drinks!  In all honesty, the range of drinks will NOT be be vast – it will be mostly beer, glorious beer! Let’s go!

  • Belgian beer – this little country makes the best beer in the world if you ask me. It is on a higher level. Many of these beers are made by Trappist Monks who keep the best for themselves. I wonder if I can become a monk just for the beer? I was able to try quite a few and there are my top choices:
  • Czech’s consume more beer per capita than any other nation (according to Wikipedia). While there I did have a number of beers and it was here that my fondness for lagers began although my fav Czech beers are ales:
  • The bottle on this Greek beer said it was a “Black Wheat Lager”. I’ve never seen a dark lager. I didn’t know there was such a thing. It was good.
Volkan Beer
Volkan beer, Santorini
  • Ireland – the home of Guinness. I have to say, before going to Ireland I disliked Guinness. I had tried some in Canada and frankly it was awful. So my Irish beer of choice has always been Smithwick’s. It still is, however, now I know what Guinness is supposed to taste like and am now rather partial to it.
  • No list would be complete without mentioning German beer. Of the few I tried my favourite I actually enjoyed in Serbia. Go figure.
  • While attending the Beer & Burger Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia I was able to try some good beers. My favourite was from this small local brewery. I tried it 3 times.
  • Irish Whiskey – I have tried sips of whiskey previously and have to say that rye whiskey was the only one I liked. Then I tried Irish Whiskey. I have tried more since I returned to Canada but I tried these 2 in Ireland and wow!
Jameson Whiskey, Killarney
  • Rakija, yummy honey rakija. I tried several different flavours of this often homemade fruit brandy in Serbia. The cherry was okay and I can pass on the quince flavour anytime but the honey one is my favourite!
Homemade Honey Rakija, Belgrade
  • TEA!! So my for my favourite non-alcoholic drink it has to be tea. And where did I have the best teas? Where else – both England and India
    • Chai tea – I had such good homemade flavourful chai tea in India
    • Turkish tea – strong and served with only sugar
    • Earl Grey tea + biscuits – need I say more?
Tea & treats, London

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju/Wanders The World

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