Sunday Special – Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

I featured Costa Rica over 2 years ago on this blog, however it was a general post. Today is specifically for Lake Arenal which is located in the northern area of this Central American country. Costa Rica’s largest lake lays out before the incredible Arenal Volcano. A vital part of Costa Rican life, this 85 sq km/33 sq mile body of water provides up to 70% of the electricity to its inhabitants due to a hydroelectric dam that was erected in 1973. Practical uses aside, this lake is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike for the number of activities it provides. Windsurfing enthusiasts have claimed it as a leading destination for their sport. Kayaking, fishing and sailboarding are widely popular as well. The surrounding land provides hiking, bird watching and mountain biking. Add to the fact that it is also stunning to look at, I can see why people flock there. The town of Nuevo Arenal (which was settled when the dam was built) is a great place to take in natural vistas and enjoy some food and drink. Arriving to Nuevo Arenal can be from neighbouring towns of Tilaran and La Fortuna de San Carlos.

Lake Arenal and volcano, Costa Rica – Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons – Taken and Owned by: Mhwater

Lake Arenal, Costa Rica. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons – Taken and owned by Andresqzs

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