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As an aspiring blogger I have done some reading about increasing my presence in the social media realm. I do have a bit of presence with the blog’s Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. I will remain with those three and see how I do with some of the tips I have gleaned. Truthfully though, I will need to increase my Twitter usage. And that could be a bit of a challenge as I’m not all that thrilled with Twitter. It seems to be something one must be on constantly. I find that a bit overwhelming. And in all truth, I don’t really like to tweet. Maybe it’s because I talk too much and 144 characters seems so limiting – LOL. Joking aside it is one form of social media that I have not “connected” with. Facebook and Instagram are a different story. Although my posts here are posted on both Twitter and Facebook, I am more engaged in Facebook. I post quotes, tidbits, travel info stories and photos from my travels. Instagram is another one I like. It is also one of several reasons that I want to improve my photography skills. A good picture can capture a moment or place.  Of course you can see some of my Instagram photos on the sidebar right here on my blog if you’re on a computer. Though, I do want a bigger audience for all three mediums. That is where you, my friend, come in. I invite you to like, share and follow me on these platforms. Comments and feedback are also welcome. Travel can be an immense education and a way for people to really learn about the world. Seeing new places, tasting new foods, connecting with locals, sharing culture and growing ideas and peace. If social media can help spread that understanding or desire to learn of the world, then let’s do it. Join me in cyberspace and then go see the world.


Instagram: wanderstheworld  #wanderstheworld

Twitter: @wanderstheworld

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