My Heart All Over The World

When I set off to Chicago after visiting my folks I expected to see the sites, try some good food and hopefully come away with an appreciation for the Windy City. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. What actually happened was far greater – I forged new friendships with people I genuinely enjoyed being with. People I want to get to know better; who I want to visit and have visit me. We laughed, talked, goofed around and had fantastic camaraderie. I miss my new friends. And that is how it can be with travel. You can meet kindred spirits, those who truly become part of your tribe regardless of where they live in the world. Sharing that common experience and hoping to connect with one another at another place, another time.

With travel this type of connection does not always happen so I value it when it does. There were times on my big trip that I did not connect with people (yet enjoyed time by myself as a result). Other times I met people who were cool and we hung out for the day or weekend or week. It was like that was our purpose of knowing each other – doing stuff together while away.  We would get on okay though we were more like acquaintances. Then there were those who I know, over time, we could develop a good friendship. And finally, as mentioned above where those who we hit it off right away and we knew we kindred. And it’s all okay. I am grateful for all the people I have met, though the latter are the ones I think of the most. Heck, in some cases I’ve even seen them again. How cool is that?  In the end, I have friends all over the world and memories that have woven themselves into my soul. And that makes me smile.

St Patrick’s Day in Dublin 2015


Goofing around at 360 Chicago


When R visited
Half of the crazy Dublin crew

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