Killarney Town Tour

One of the things I do fairly often when travelling is to seek out and take a city tour. This not only helps me get a sense of direction but also learn a bit about the city I am in. The majority of the time I use the ones that are free and you then tip the tour guide. They may be run by the hostels or tour companies in the area. When I was in Killarney, Ireland this last trip I found a brochure at my hostel for Killarney Town Tour. I had been in town only a few hours and they were offering a tour at 6:00pm. Perfect for me as I wanted to stretch my legs after hours on a bus.

So why am I writing about this particular free walking as opposed to the others? Well it’s because this tour is run by a woman who started it up because she wanted to. She does not work for a tour company or a hostel or anything like that. She has taken her own personal time to spend a couple hours with people every evening and share with them what she knows of her home town. Lorraine O’Sullivan does this because she wants to. She started it up on her own, volunteering her time. She also knows some really interesting things about Killarney, as you would expect from someone who has grown up there. Not only that but if she doesn’t know an answer to your question she will find it out and post it on the Facebook page. Lorraine is knowledgeable and friendly.  Her tour covers a fair bit of ground and I learned many new things on my second visit to the area. At the end she invited us to join her for a pint a  local pub, which incidentally, I visited again a few days later.  So if you are in Killarney, I strongly suggest you take this free tour (and tip her at the end as you and her are worth it) to learn and see about this great Irish town. The photos below are some of the ones I took on Lorraine’s tour.

Lorraine O’Sullivan of Killarney Town Tour

Malton Hotel – if walls could speak. This hotel has an interesting past

Red stag statues. If you are lucky you msy see some in Killarney National Park

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Old Market Square sign in Killarney

**Note: All opinions in this post are my own and Killarney Town Tour has not endorsed me in any way.

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World


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