Sunday Special – Palawan, Philippines

Over the past little while this particular island in the Philippines has come up in conversations and social media feeds. As a result, I have decided to make the Philippine island of Palawan today’s feature.

Palawan province is a long archipelago with Palawan Island being the largest. It stretches from the South China Sea to Sulu Sea. Although much of it is desert and undeveloped it has been voted in recent years as the world’s best island. The non-desert portions are filled with lush jungle, stunning beaches and local wildlife. This destination is great for beach getaways and for watersport enthusiasts: Kayaking, diving (SCUBA) and snorkeling. Mountain biking is also popular. The caves at Coron are also a popular way to spend time.

Palawan, Philippines – Photo Credit – Wikimedia Commons Public Domain
El Nido, Palawan – Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – Taken and owned by JMParrone
Beach on Palawan – Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons – Taken and owned by bertconcepts

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