Sunday Special – Schnapps Trail, Germany’s Black Forest

If ya can’t travel yourself then celebrate those who are travelling. This week my sister and two of her friends returned to Canada after completing the northern route of the Camino de Santiago in Spain and the Black Forest Schnaps Trail in Germany. The Camino story will be showcased at a later date. Today will be about this German hike with various stops to taste homemade schnap liqueurs. Forget a water station and go for the schnaps. 

Learning about this hike from an Air Canada Enroute article, they decided to add this trail to their travel adventures. Tucked away in the Black Forest is an area with hiking trails amidst numerous families making tasty liqueurs. Making this tradition drink has been a family tradition for numerous generations. Each adding their own flare to the drink. At various points there are schnaps springs awaiting you in self-serve style. Enjoy your fill (don’t forget to pay) and go on your way. It’s probably safe to suggest a decent meal before heading out to the Sasbachwalden. You can pick from the northern route (7km / 4.35 miles) or the southern way (12km / 7.45 miles). Either way it sounds like a fun twist to add to your nature hikes. 

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