Sunday Special – Kyaut Sae Cave, Myanmar (Burma)

I first saw a photo of this cave on Pinterest and I thought “hey, a great place to post about for the Sunday Special”. I made note of it and came back to it now. As I often do, I research the web about the place I am posting. Some places reflect my own personal experiences, others give straightforward information and finally some have a reflection of my own wonderings of that particular locale or event. Even though Kyaut Sae Cave caught my attention I have to say there is not much out there on this place (not even on Wikipedia). Then today a friend suggested to me today that I consider visiting Myanmar (Burma). So with two ideas of Myanmar floating near me, I naturally, have to make a post about it. What I have found on Kyaut Sae Caves is from blogs or articles about stunning caves. I have not found an “official” page about it yet I am intrigued. I hope you find it so as well.

What I have learned about this enigmatic cave is that was believed to have been a hiding spot for those wanting to avoid assaults and attacks from the Mongols during the 1200s CE. Today you will find a Buddhist temple built inside the cave that serves as a pilgrimage and place of rest for monks. It is located in the town of Burna, Myanmar.

The photos I have seen are very limited and under copyright (as I usually use Wikimedia Commons for public domain or attribution photos) so there is no photo on this post, however, the two separate links above and this Pinterest one will show you this mysterious cave.

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