Sunday Special – Crete, Greece

Although I disliked Athens as it’s a smelly, loud, smoggy city I do want to see other areas of Greece. After seeing Santorini island hopping these lovely isles has increased its appeal. So today we’ll look at one of the island I hope to visit on my wanderings – the island of Crete.

Of the Greek archipelago, Crete is its largest. It is located in the southern section of the Aegean Sea. Its topography is filled with cragged mountains, lush plateaus, a variety of rivers, a few lakes, large gorges and sunny beaches for the sun worshippers. In addition to the natural beauty Crete is rich in Minoan history, Roman ruins and WW II aftermath. Various cities are to be explored including Heraklion (Iraklion), Chania (Hania) and the beach locale of Ierepetra. Foodies will love the healthy recipes found over the island. Cretan dishes are loaded with local veggies, fruit, fish, yogurt and honey, cheeses and of course olives and olive oil.

Chania Lighthouse – Crete. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – Photo taken and owned by Lapplaender

Panormo Harbour, Crete – Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – Photo taken and owned by Thomas Munter

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