Sunday Special – The Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia

On the edge of the Baltic Sea in European Russia is the country’s second largest city – Saint Petersburg – overflowing with history and stunning architecture. So much that many consider it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. UNESCO has named it a World Heritage Site. Among the city’s greatest building is The Winter Palace. Built in a Baroque style, this lavish and monumental building aimed to show the greatness of the Russian Empire. Originally a wooden building, it was constructed for Peter the Great and his family in 1708 CE. In the years to follow the building was rebuilt with stone and additions eventually added to it. It had been the home of Tsars for centuries, filled with gilded facades, opulent living quarters, numerous salons and used for many state gatherings and formal galas. The Romanovs occupied this palatial residence since Catherine The Great to the the time of the family’s fall in the 1900s. A history too long for me to even touch on, this magnificent building is now officially part of The Hermitage Museum. Restorations to the rooms and artifacts now showcase Russian history and countless works of art.

Interior of church within The Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg – Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons – Photo taken and owned by Januarius-zick
Entrance to The Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia – Photo is Public Domain

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