Sunday Special – Aruba

**Note: I posted this yesterday (Sunday) but for some reason it put it elsewhere in the blog & said it was posted in January. I’m not sure what happened there but I have re-posted it now. Enjoy!


Located in the southern Caribbean Sea only 24 km / 15 miles from the coast of Venezuela is a group of three islands that are part of The Netherlands. Theses small islands are called Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao (The ABC islands). Among the most visited of these ABC islands is Aruba. This tiny island which stretches 9 km /6 miles wide and 30 km/19 miles long is known for its lush beaches, an almost constant temperature of 27C /81F and for being outside of the hurricane belt. Recognized by many as a beach resort destination there are some areas of Aruba that break from that. For those wanting a beach break there is no shortage of pristine white sand beaches and numerous accommodations to help you to tan, partake in a number of water sports,tour around or plain unwind – just head to the west coast of the island.  The capital city of Oranjestad offers its own charm with Colonial Dutch architecture, museums, shopping arcades, parks, Fort Zoutman and the Renaissance Marketplace. Wander away from the beaches and resorts to see various natural bridges, hike the 561 steps of Haystack Mountain, check out Guadirikiri Caves or visit California Lighthouse or the butterfly farm. Aruba may be a small island but it seems there is no lack of activities.

View of Oranjestad, Aruba – Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons – Photo taken and owned by Bgabel
Palm Beach, Aruba – Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons – Photo taken and owned by Andrei Atilin
One of the many natural bridges in Aruba – Photo is Public Domain


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