The Last Bit of Egypt

Well I am back home in Canada and the daily routine has started up again. I will post some more photos of my trip over the next few days. Hopefully I won’t be tardy in writing about my experiences (we all know I can be a bit tardy in this area. LOL). Where I left off in Egypt is Luxor. We toured the Valley of the Kings and saw 3 tombs. We also had time to see the markets and visit an essence oil shop. I was also surprised at dinner with cake for my birthday! 🙂

All photos taken (or taken for) and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World.

I got cake for my birthday! What a great surprise!!
A very happy birthday girl! Celebrated in Luxor.
The Colossi of Memnon. It’s huge!
The desk of Howard Carter, the archaeologist who discovered the tomb of King Tut
Hieroglyph inside one of the tombs at the Valley of the Kings.
The colours are so bright and still intact. Imagine what they were like thousands of years ago!
Beautiful perfume bottles at a store in Luxor
The Temple of Luxor at sunset
The tourist market in Luxor

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