On To Jordan!

The second week of this trip was to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan! So many people said I would love Jordan. That often sets me on edge. What if I don’t like it? I just had a fabulous week in Egypt and met some wonderful people who had such exuberance and positive energy. We had lots of laughs. I was missing it already. Even though I was excited for Jordan I held my breath just a bit. Then I finally exhaled….

Arch of Hadrian. Part of the Roman ruins in Jerash, Jordan
Pink peppercorn trees found inside the Roman ruins. I had no idea they grew on trees!
Roman amphitheatre – there is always one in a good Roman city
The Temple of Artemis (or Diana). My favourite spot in Jerash.
The Cardo Maximus is the main street that runs north-south in a Roman city.
These columns are humongous!! Whoa!

Onto the Dead Sea!

A public beach area of the Dead Sea. Israel is across the way.
The Dead Sea has a salinity level of over 33%. Now that is salty!
It’s warm like bath water
Playing in mud!
Look ma! No hands! And ya just float – can’t sink at all.

Mount Nebo & Madaba

View from Mount Nebo. It is believed that Moses was buried nearby.
Olive trees are plentiful in Jordan. They produce some amazing olive oil! Yum!!
Another view from Mount Nebo.
The Memorial Church of Moses, Mount Nebo
The mosaics in the church are of great historic importance and are absolutely beautiful
The Jordanian Queen has set up a number of community programs. This is at Tree of Life where disabled individuals create mosaics in the traditional method and earn money from their art.
Some of the mosaics made at Tree of Life
St George’s Church – home to the mosaic map
These signs are poppin’ up everywhere
Karak Castle
An interior corridor of Karak Castle

More of Jordan to come!

All photos owned by & taken by or for Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World

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