Hello on this (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend . I am in beautiful northern BC visiting my sister. Autumn is in full swing with cool air & beautiful fall colours abounding. But today we are heading back to Jordan – specifically to my time in Petra. Seeing the Treasury at Petra was the catalyst for this trip. It was amazing to see it. The whole experience at Petra was wonderful. Even climbing the 800 steps and switchbacks, in the heat, to see the Monastery. Those Nabateans really built a treasure in Petra. Here’s the photo journey.

Little Petra visit:

Our red carpet treatment. Actually they were prepping for an event there that evening.
One of the buildings carved into the sandstone at Little Petra
Caves used by the Nabateans – this one was believed to be used for dining with a large fire burning in the centre for warmth.
A desert sunset

A day at Petra:

The entrance of the Siq – the walkway that leads to Petra
Official signage
We are dwarfed by nature.
At times the Siq narrows significantly.
Nature is incredible!
I am in awe!

Finally…The Treasury. I teared up when I saw it.
One of several tombs built into the rock
800 steps later and I made it to The Monastery. Worth every step.
The view from the stairs to & from the Monastery.

All photos taken (or taken for) and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World

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