London Neighbourhoods Calling, Part 3

Wandering about to seek out street art is something I enjoy. Meandering at my own pace, nipping in and out of side streets and alleyways, combing out images made by modern-day artists. Some are weathered and show signs of age, others are large, looming, and full of life. Odd, beautiful, quirky, bold, comedic, sad, vibrant – the art makes a walk far more lively for me. It is akin to a treasure hunt, finding what is next. An outdoor museum of sorts.

The canvas can be any surface.

In all honesty, when I planned this trip I did not even look up anything to do with street art. It wasn’t something I associated with London – how wrong I was. It was really by chance that I learned about the many places in East London’s Shoreditch neighbourhood that have street art. It was my last full day and I wanted to explore a neighbourhood, as I often do. I turned to Google and sought out areas to explore. Posts jumped out at me, right there on my phone. So I headed out ASAP. Now I do admit that I did use an article on Trip Savvy that offered a self-guided tour of some of Shoreditch’s notable areas of art. I have a horrible sense of direction (that is sometimes a good thing but often not). I needed a guide to tell me where to find the art in this funky area of London. In my palm I was guided to the areas of Spitalfields and Brick Lane. Once there I was able to put the phone away and wandering blissfully through this busy and colourful area. At the end of my sojourn I found a pub (suggested by Trip Savvy’s article) that has some Jack the Ripper associations and enjoyed a couple of pints. It was a good afternoon. Plus the weather was good, at least until the evening. I ended my day by meeting with a friend who had a layover and we went for dinner and caught up. Overall, a very good travel day.

Tucked away in an alcove-like area.
It saddens and frustrates me that some people feel the need to tag a piece of street art and ruin the artists hard work. Still it is admired by people such as this person snapping a photo.
Salvador Dali. I think this was one of my favs.
This one was actually quite small, just hanging around.

All photos taken & owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders the World.

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