Sunday Special – The 2 Sirao flower gardens, Cebu City, Philippines

Thinking of Cebu Island in the Philippines its beaches that come to mind. That is what I have heard about it and not much more. Of course there is more to see and do in this island province. In fact, on the outskirts of Cebu City are two popular Instagram-worthy gardens that have exploded Instagram over the years. One of them has even been dubbed “Little Amsterdam” due to its beautiful array of celosia flowers. It appears that both sets of gardens are stunning to see. Of course, the best time of year to enjoy all the floral offerings is when in blooming season. This would be from around Nov – Jan, at least from what I researched.

Sirao Gardens in Cebu, Philippines – Photo credit:
Øyvind HolmstadCebu Inland Mountains 2017 3CC BY-SA 4.0

The original garden of the two is Sirao Flower Farm. It is this one that holds the moniker of “Little Amsterdam”. There are numerous areas to walk about and take in the rainbow of colours along with decorations set about. This garden is past the first one.

Sirao PGCS (Pictorial Garden & Camping Site) is the newer garden and is first when coming up to the area. This one also has some camping areas if you wish to stay longer. Both have flowers in abundance and decorations all around for you to Instagram to your hearts content or simply take in the brightness of the nature.

A few things to keep in mind. Due to the popularity of these attractions they can be very busy and crowded. If you are able, an early start to the day is a good idea. Each garden has its own entry fee. Additionally, getting to the gardens may be a bit of a trek as they are actually located outside of central Cebu City in Sirao (approx 17 km / 11 mi). From my research you can get there by taxi or uber, by renting habal habal (motorbike hires with a driver), via jeepney (buses), or via guided tour. Prices vary for each mode.

**Please note – I had trouble finding photos that I could use with permission but if you do an online search you can find plenty of photos of both gardens.

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