Sunday Special – La Scarzuola, Italy

When the architecture of a centuries old sacred city is combined with the vision of a 1950s architect’s ideal city what is created is La Scarzuola. It is a juxtaposition the old and new; the historical aspects of an age-old faith beside surreal elements of modernistic design.

La Scarzuola is located in the muncipality of Montegabbione in Italy’s Umbria region. It is here that St Francisi of Asissi started a monastery in 1218, with he himself staying to reside in town. He fashiond a hut made of the Scarza plant, for which the town is named. Some time later a church and convent were built, the former houses a fresco in honour of the saint. In 1956 the convent compound was purchased by Milanese architect Tomaso Buzzi. He created areas that draw much inspriation from Dali and Escher. He has gardens, theatres, monuments filled with lines and spirals set against the old styles of the orginial buildings. It seems to be a bit of a fantastic wonderland of sorts. Buzzi worked on the complex from 1958 – 1978, passing away in the early in 1981. It was unfinished at his death though his nephew Marco Solari continued his uncle’s work, completing this vision.

La Scarzuola continues to be privately owned by Marco Solari though tours are available. I hope I can make my way to see this unique spot in Italy.

I did not find too many photos online that I could use however if you look up La Scarzuola on Instagram you should find some further photos showcashing it’s designs.

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