Sunday Special – Gili Islands, Indonesia

Located northwest of Lombok is a short archipelago consisting of three islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno – which make up the Gili Islands (or simply Gilis). These small islands have been a popular beach and diving destination for years. Their close proximity to both Lombok and Bali make them easy to add onto a traveler’s itinerary while traveling Indonesia.

Pristine beach on Gili Trawangan, Indonesia – Photo credit: MidoriGili Trawangan beach 4CC BY 3.0

Each island, it seems, has its own personality though all of them are free of motorized vehicles. So whichever ones you visit you will get about on foot, bicycle, or catch a ride in a horse-drawn cart. However you decide to get around you will have some incredible beaches where you can unwind and catch some rays. Or perhaps see the ocean life while snorkelling or diving – the latter being a big draw. Watersports, conservation and even spas can be found. The local vibe is the strongest on Gili Air as they have retained original huts and villages. Gili Meno is the laid-back island that is the least developed and quieter of the three. Gili Trawangan, often referred to as the party island, is the most visited and developed. Although it has plenty of bars (and food too) there are quieter areas as well. Gili T, nicknamed Turtle Island, is home to a sea turtle sanctuary. Conservation and protection of these wonderful creatures is through the Gili Shark Conservation.

When I finally make my way to Indonesia I think I will need to pay a visit to these small islands.

Fishermen in Gili Air, Indonesia – Photo credit: yeowatzupHarbour Area, Gili Air, Indonesia (933830372)CC BY 2.0
Gili Meno, Indonesia -Photo credit: Alexey Komarov, Gili Meno – panoramio (4)CC BY 3.0
View of Gili Trawangan, Indonesia – Photo credit: MagulMasjid Agung Baiturrahman, Gili Trawangan, 2017-08-11 (1)CC BY-SA 4.0

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