Sunday Special – Salzburg, Austria

From what I have read and heard, 2020 is the year for Salzburg, Austria. Its famed Salzburg Festival turns 100 years old and there is no shortage of events to take in. If you are not there for the festival, do not fear. The city itself is filled baroque architecture, picturesque parks, contemporary art, Mozart and The Sound of Music, and even glorious wonderful beer! And food and drink are a big part of Salzburg’s persona as well. It has been many many years since I visited Salzburg, perhaps I should return? After all, Lonely Planet has stated it is the top city to visit in 2020.

Panoramic view of Salzburg, Austria – Photo credit: Paulo Maurício (56501), Salzburg view from MonchsbergCC BY-SA 2.5

The big event for Salzburg this year is the 100th anniversary of the Salzburg Festival. Running from July 19 – August 30, 2020 it is sure to draw crowds from all over. This festival will be hosting music events numerous types. Many are classical music symphonies and concerts, others are plays and operas, all of them in spectacular venues in the festival quarter. You can even take one of the daily guided tours during the festival.

Salzburg Cathedral – Photo: KareljSalzburg dom crypt 1, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

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