My Visit to Titanic Belfast in Northern Ireland

During this time of the COVID-19 I will periodically post about my travels and travel ideas. Hopefully we can soon return to the world. Take care, stay safe, stay inside.

The Titanic Belfast in Belfast Northern Ireland

At time of posting the Titanic Belfast is closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

My first visit to Belfast in 2016 was a rather quick one, leaving little time to see some of its main sights. As a result, I opted to spend a few more days during my second trip there earlier this year. One of the places I wanted to visit was the Titanic Belfast Museum. I had heard from several people that it was very well done. I expected that I would enjoy a couple hours there only. In actuality it surpassed all my expectations. I spent over 4 hours taking in what it had to offer. In fact, I was one of the last few people to leave at the end of the day.

The Titanic Belfast is located in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, approximately 2.5 km / 1.5 miles from the city centre. It is easily accessible by car, public transit (bus or Glider), nearby trains, and by foot or bicycle. I used public transit – the Glider (G2) which brought me from the city centre to the museum and back with ease. Belfast Glider fares can be purchased from the ticket machines at the stops.

Although you can pre-purchase you tickets online, I opted to buy mine at the museum. I was fortunate as there was no queue for the tickets, however, during peak travels seasons you may encounter a line up. Several types of tickets are available, with various features. I opted for the Titanic Experience ticket. An optional hand-held audio guide is available to rent in various languages and offers further information. I passed on renting the audio guide and still found the self-guided tour informative and interesting. One can spend as much or as little time perusing the nine areas of the museum as they like. I myself enjoy reading, looking, and interacting with most everything so my time there was extensive.

The Titanic Museum explores various impacts the building of White Star Lines’ RMS Titanic had on Harland & Wolff (Shipyards) and on Belfast. You will explore the numerous industries in Belfast that aided in setting the stage for the building of the world’s most famous ship and what that encompassed. Moving on then to the launch; the ships design (both internal and external); and her the maiden voyage which resulted in the tragic sinking on April 14, 1912. It is followed with the aftermath of the tragedy as well as the search for the wreckage and ocean exploration. I found this multifaceted and intriguing museum not only educational but very enjoyable as well. I give it 5 stars. I even bough a book at the shop.

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders the World

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  1. Dear Eeva, two years ago I had the chance to visit Belfast and discover this museum πŸ™‚ have such great memories from my days there, wouldn’t mind to return and stay longer πŸ™‚ stay safe and greetings from Lisbon, PedroL


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