Sunday Special – Tbilisi, Georgia

During this time of the COVID-19 I will periodically post about my travels and travel ideas. Hopefully we can soon return to the world. Take care, stay safe, stay inside.

A modern city with a long-standing history, Tbilisi is on the rise for becoming a destination hot spot. In fact, when I was planning my 2018 trip for my birthday it was the second contender. It is still on my radar and on my list of post-quarantine destination options (yes, I am still dreaming and planning potential trip during this time). Georgia is found in the South Caucasus region with its capital city located on the banks of the Kura River while showcasing the Trialeti mountain range in the background. With this location being at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and historically near the old Silk Road trading routes, Tbilisi has had a long and varied history.

Today it is said to be an eclectic mixture of old with a modern vibe. The city is home to some 1.5 million inhabitants with much to explore. The area of Old Tbilisi has been described as a “maze” filled with a plethora of architectural styles of the past. Sounds like a place I could very much get happily lost in!

Not only is there the old town to visit. The city boasts museums, parks & gardens, and Soviet-style buildings. The Narikala Fortress can be visited via cable-car. I imagine the views are memorable. You can find cafes, a thriving food scene and an age-old culture of wine. Want to relax? They even have sulphur baths and pools to unwind in. End your evening with dancing and nightlife if you like. Tbilisi sounds like a well-rounded holiday city destination.

View of Old Tbilisi and Narikala Fortress, Georgia – Photo credit:

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